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GET LAMP: Jon Palace

Published February 28, 2007

Jon Palace was what would best be described as a Game Producer at Infocom. I was pointed to him by Steve Meretzky, who stressed that Jon was the difference between success and failure for many Infocom games, and that the documentary had to have him in there, even if his name wasn't on any of the boxes. I interviewed him in Topsfield, MA, and we covered all manner of Infocom and interactive fiction subjects. His trajectory was odd - he'd worked as a book editor, and then wanted to get away from where he was living, and he saw an ad for Infocom. They were asking for an "Editor", which caught his eye, and it was Mike Berlyn at Infocom who'd said the company should have a proper wordsmith for their products, which Jon was.

Audio/Visual sound, color
Language English


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